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Our history
Great Loans Grow Here
We got our start in the forests of Southern Oregon—where the Umpqua River runsback in 1953. With a staff of six nice people and $70,000, we gave our neighbors a solid place to cash their logging paychecks and keep their money safe.
Over the years, that community feeling has never moved far away, even as we've settled into more neighborhoods across the West. Today, when you walk through the door, we promise to make you feel welcome and always give you the expert attention that makes "Umpqua" sound like home.
Contact Information
Tara Keenan
NMLS #985965
Direct: (360) 713-6184
Fax: (503) 530-1904
Cell: (360) 600-5736
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Tara Keenan, NMLS #985965
Umpqua Bank
2515 NE 134th St, Vancouver, WA  98686
Direct:  (360) 713-6184
Fax:  (503) 530-1904
Cell:  (360) 600-5736
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